SPAR Better Choices with Kellie Harrington


At SPAR, we are committed to helping keep families healthy

We want to make sure that whatever your lifestyle and food preference, we have a quality range of better choices available in our stores. SPAR Brand Ambassador, Kellie Harrington, is a firm believer in making a Better Choice when it comes to leading a busy and healthy lifestyle. But it’s not always easy to know which is the better choice. When in doubt, ask yourself, what would Kellie choose?

The SPAR Better Choices Games

When it comes to ensuring a healthy lifestyle, we often look to our heroes for inspiration, and who better to get involved than two Olympic medallists and national heroes.

Tradition would suggest that we shouldn’t play with our food, but that didn’t stop our sports stars from taking part in The SPAR Better Choices Games. Featuring a selection of SPAR Better Choices products that can be found in SPAR stores nationwide, we created a challenge to find out who would be crowned champion in an epic battle between national heroes Kellie Harrington and Gary O’Donovan. The two Olympians went head-to-head to find out who would be hailed the winner of the Smoothie Slalom, the Popcorn Relay, and the Apple Bobsleigh!