Under the Tree since ‘63

SPAR is celebrating 60 years in Ireland by planting Native Irish Woodlands

In celebration of 60 years of business in Ireland, SPAR has partnered with the Tree Council of Ireland to plant 20,000 native Irish trees in Ireland this year.

The trees will be planted in six sites across the country, with plantations in counties Sligo, Waterford and Dublin already complete, while the remaining sites will be planted later this year when tree-planting season resumes.

A key objective of the campaign is to encourage biodiversity and nurture all things that thrive and grow ‘under the tree’. The woodlands that SPAR is planting will host a huge variety of plants, animals, insects, fungi and lichens which allows SPAR and its nationwide network of retailers to make a really positive contribution to the environment as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations.

The planting of these Native Irish Woodlands is funded by SPAR through our National Charity Partner Programme and funds are raised by a donation of sales from selected SPAR Own Brand Products.