• Wholemeal Wraps
  • Light Mayonnaise or hummus for the base layer
  • Colourful, crunchy, veg
  • Meat / tuna / cheese for the fillings


  1. Wrap Rolls or pinwheels are a really cool alternative to sandwiches for your school lunch.
  2. Using a wholemeal wrap, spread with a little low fat spread of choice like light mayo or hummus to create a base for the ingredients.
  3. Fill with lots of better choices such as chicken, cheese, tuna, lettuce, tomato, sliced apple, avocado, cucumber – the possibilities are endless – just make sure it’s something you love to snack on.
  4. Roll fairly tightly from one side and cut into discs – perfect for school lunch boxes.
  5. The more colourful the better, why not try veggie rainbow wheels? Add peppers, lettuce and cucumber for extra colour and lots of textured crunch!