At SPAR we aim to support local Irish producers as much as possible with our SPAR Own Brand range and by stocking Irish produced brand in our stores. Watch out for our Yes to Irish logo
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SPAR Select Supplier Competition Winners

Congratulations to Ronan Lalor and Tim Healy of Grandma Henvey’s ​porridge oats.  Grandma Henvey’s won the SPAR Select food producer competition at Bite Festival 2015. Keep an eye out for their SPAR Select gluten-free porridge oats that will be coming to SPAR stores soon!


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Hogan’s Farm

Hogan’s Farm is committed to offering consumers a strong portfolio of quality products. They have a wide range of Fresh and Cooked turkey throughout the year. It all started at the farm in Cortown, Kells, Co. Meath where they have turkey sheds for rearing turkeys on site, the main production facility to further process fresh turkey and the location of the main head office. They also have a Cooked Plant facility located in Rathcairn, Co. Meath and employ over 65 full time staff.

Hogan’s Farm provide SPAR with our delicious SPAR Select turkey.

Local Producers Irish Produced Brands



Galmere has been producing fine food since 1980 specialising in fresh salads, soups, dips and sauces. Based in Galway, Galmere’s production kitchen is within their 33,000 square foot BRC accredited, certified organic and nut-free facility and is a Quality Irish Foods Award winner in 2014. Galmere produce a range of products for the SPAR Select range including pestos, hummus, gravy, soups and sauces.

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Traditional Cheese
The Traditional Cheese Company was established in 1984 with the sole aim of providing a selection of fine cheeses and anti-pasti from around the world.

Traditional Cheese Co. provide SPAR with many excellent cheeses from Ireland and around the world, including products for our SPAR Select range such as cheeses, olives and sundried tomatoes.


Irish Yogurts
Irish Yogurts, the home of mouth-watering traditional churn made yogurt. Established in 1994, Irish Yogurt’s aim was to produce Traditional Churn made Yogurt with emphasis on tradition and quality. The concept of Traditional Churn Made Yogurt was a result of market research carried out by Teagasc on prototype products.
The company grew from a small one person Artisan operation in 1994 to a highly successful nationally recognized food company in 2012 with 120 employees producing over 50 million tubs of yogurt per year.
Based in Clonakilty in West Cork, Irish Yogurts supply quality produce throughout Ireland and produce the yogurts in our SPAR Select yogurts range.