SPAR Wine Wizard

To help you select the perfect wine, our wine experts at SPAR have launched the ideal solution.

Our SPAR Wine Wizard is a free app which will allow you to see the wines that are on special offer, our recommended and award-winning wines or use the Wine Selector to find the perfect wine to match different food types, taste and price.

Our wine expert, Gill gives advice in her blog on great new wines to try. Scan a bottle in our stores to find out more about a wine of your choice.

To access the SPAR Wine Wizard simply:

  1. Download the App from the iTunes store.
  2. Scan the barcode on the bottle and access information on your selected wine.
  3. Learn what food it best matches and get lots more information about each wine.

In-store promotions

SPAR Ireland is committed to bringing you fresh, quality products daily at great prices. We work closely with our independent retailers to offer you variety and value in every store, every day. We challenge ourselves to deliver the highest standards in convenience shopping to you, our customer, every time you visit us.

Every month SPAR offers the very best in promotional value on Ireland's favourite brands and SPAR Own Brand. Watch out in-store for what's on offer.

Latest Specials from SPAR

In participating stores only

These offers are available from 11.09.2014 - 01-10-2014

  • <strong>NESTLÉ</strong>,Lion Bar/Drifter/Yorkie Original/Kit Kat Chunky/Aero Milk,Standard Bars,Any 2 For € 1.50
  • <strong>HOGAN'S FARM/GLENMÓR</strong>,Fresh Turkey Breast Steaks/Pork Chops (Pre Pack)/Fresh Irish Chicken Chasseur/Beef Meatballs/Hot & Spicy Kebabs,300g / 500g / 600g / 360g / 210g,Only €3.00
  • <strong>COCA-COLA</strong>,Regular/ Diet/ Zero,500ml,Any 2 For €2.50
  • <strong>SPAR</strong>,Mains - Beef Lasagne / Cottage Pie / Chicken & Broccoli Bake / Chicken Chorizo / Chicken & Leek Pie / Ham & Mushroom Tagllatelli /Pies - Steak / Chicken & Ham / Mince Desserts - Apple Crumble / Rhubarb Crumble / Hot Chocolate Pudding / Sticky Toffee Pudding,2 pack 2 x 100g / 450g / 400g / 550g, BUY 2 MAINS + A TWIN PACK OF DESSERTS FOR €10
  • <strong>SPAR</strong>,White Toilet Tissue,4 Roll,Only €1
  • <strong>SPAR / GLENMÓR</strong>,SPAR Spaghetti/Bolognese Sauce - Tradizionale/Piccante/Glenmor Beef Meatballs,500g / 490g / 360g,BUY SPAGHETTI + 1 SAUCE + MEATBALLS FOR €4
  • <strong>SPAR</strong>,White Kitchen Towel,2 Roll,Only €1
Our current offers which run from 11.09.2014 - 01-10-2014 offer you great value on a variety of fresh and grocery products.

With our customers at the heart of everything we do we have Meal Deals on offer at SPAR.

These fantastic meal deals are available from 11.09.2014 - 01-10-2014.

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